Egypt · 25. June 2018
For anyone who is planning a similar journey through Egypt in the near future, here are a few helpful Egyptian facts and figures.

Egypt · 22. June 2018
We chose the Qustal / Eshkeet crossing to enter the Sudan. That would envolve driving 280 kilometers or so to Abu Simbel (including snatching a glance at some more dead stones) and taking a ferry across lake Nasser from the west to the east coast about 10 km southerly. The border is another 35 kilometers south of the landing point. There is nothing there except an Egyptian and a Sudanese compound. The next settlement is Wadi Halfa 30 km further south. It was going to be a long day

Egypt · 15. June 2018
At the Sudanese border, regardless which one, a confirmation from the Egyptian traffic police that no fines for any eventual driving offences are outstanding is required. That paper is only available in Aswan.

Egypt · 10. June 2018
Whilst in Luxor we drove to Abydos.

Egypt · 05. June 2018
Thebes was once the old capital of the new kingdom and is now part of the modern city of Luxor

Egypt · 30. May 2018
Having gotten thus far without any trouble other than the diesel filter, we decided to push our luck and drive to Luxor via the Desert road and hopefuly within three days get back to the Nile.

Egypt · 25. May 2018
"The Garden under the Moon" is not only a very fitting description for this extraordinarily beautiful landscape but also and probably not just by chance happened to be the name of our basecamp in the White Desert.

Egypt · 20. May 2018
In Alexandria a decision had to be made concerning our next destination. We had both had enough of cities for the time being and looked forward to driving through the desert. However the only available road leading into the new valley was via Cairo. We would, on the way, stopover in Abusir for a few days to see yet more Pyramids or as Sig prefers to say, yet more dead stones.

Egypt · 15. May 2018
Getting into Egypt is a piece of cake. Getting the van in however, was another story, involving frustration, endurance, expence and a good deal of red tape.

Egypt · 12. May 2018
Our ship the Fides was on its way and in a few days, touch wood, would be arriving in Alexandria.

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