Uganda · 02. December 2018
For anyone who is planning a similar journey in the near future, here are a few helpful Ugandan facts and figures.

Uganda · 30. November 2018
On our last day in Uganda, we were in the hills just south of Lake Edward as a lorry darted round a bend on our side of the road. I had to brake suddenly and swerve out of his way. We didn't collide but in the next curve, a long downhill, the brakes failed. I had to shove my foot down a couple of times and drive into the rough in order to avoid a near disaster.

Uganda · 22. November 2018
The Haven, without doubt my favorite place in Uganda, is a small but beautifully situated and well run campsite on the west bank of the Victoria Nile, just outside Jinja.

Uganda · 18. November 2018
The road to Moroto, where we spent the night, was challenging, dry and sandy. Much to our surprise, we then had a new and perfectly tarred road for the next 30 kilometers to Lorengedwat. Just as we were getting the hang of it, the road then gave way to mud which stuck with us, more or less, all the way to Mbale.