Ugandan facts and figures

For anyone who is planning a similar journey in the near future, here are a few helpful Ugandan facts and figures.

On the road

Our route:

Moroto, Mbale, Malaba, Mbale, Jinja, Kampala, Mubende, Fort Portal, Katunguru, Kisenyi, Rukungiri, Kagamba, Katuna.




Diesel was readily available. The filling stations were good. As usual everything is done by pump attendants.

Diesel costs:

375.170,00 UGX (86,25 EUR)

Diesel price:

from 4.100,00 UGX (0,94 EUR) in Moroto to 3.600,00 UGX (0,83 EUR) in Jinja


Ugandans drive on the left. Motorbikes are everywhere. The tarred roads were fine and inspite of the potholes and speed humps we made good progress. Some of the dirt roads were due to recent rain almost impassable. Between Lorengedwat and Namalu we had to make good use of our diff lock but managed to get through. Further south, at Kisenyi near Lake Edward two HGVs had slipped off the road into the drainage ditches. Getting through was tight, however, we managed again.


Kampala is renowned for its heavy traffic congestion but there was no reason to go there. We  had already bought our visa for Rwanda in Addis Ababa.


We had no problems at checkpoints and rarely had to stop, with the exception of Namalu. Traffic wardens (in towns) were more of a niusance. They appear out of nowhere demanding money as soon as you stop at an ATM, outside a shop or even to ask the way.  



11 (27.08.18 – 06.09.18), 2 at Salem behind the admin block inside the van free of charge, 6 inside the van on campsites and 3 inside the van in pension, hotel, or lodge courtyards.

Total costs overnight: 

472.500,00 UGX (108,62 EUR)

Average costs overnight:

42.954,55 UGX (9,87 EUR) or  4,94 EUR per person.

The best:

The Haven, Jinja.

The worst:

Engiri Game Lodge and Campsite, Katunguru, Queen Elizabeth National Park. Very unfriendly and greedy staff, no hot water, no wifi and far too expensive for what was offered. We were their only guests and they obviously just couldn't be bothered. Perhaps the boss was away and they had gone into weekend modus. Who knows. Perhaps things are different when more guests are there.


Exchange rate: 

1,00 EUR = 4.350,00 UGX


ATMs are available in most towns. As allways we prefered those at banks because they were guarded and in case of any issues with the machines or cards (or traffic wardens) it’s handy to have someone to talk to. 


Eating out:

391.700,00 UGX, (90,05 EUR). Including Salem and a lavish birthday meal at The Haven. 


229.000,00 KES, (52,64 EUR).

Bits and bobs:

146.000,00 KES, (33,56 EUR). Souvenirs in Salem.

Other costs

East Africa Visa and Comesa insurance:

Paid in Kenya and taken into account there.

Van Repaires:

150.000,00 UGX, (34,48 EUR), labour for changing the front brake caliper pistons. We had the spares with us. 20.000,00 UGX, (4,60 EUR), tip for the mechanic. 20.000,00 UGX, (4,60 EUR), tip for the pump attendant who took us to the mechanic and who filled up our Tyres and blew out the air filter as we were done.


Road Permit:

78.000,00 UGX, (17,93 EUR).

Traffic warden in Jinja:

10.000,00 UGX, (2,30 EUR).

Total costs Uganda


86,25 EUR.


108,62 EUR.


176,25 EUR.

Other costs:

63,91 EUR.


435.03 EUR.

In conclusion

I wish we had taken the time to spend some time in the Mountains of the Moon or even with the Gorillas, but you can't have everything. Hopefully the brakes will hold.

  • Thankyou Uganda