Mozambican facts and figures

For anyone who is planning a similar journey in the near future, here are a few helpful Mozambican facts and figures.

On the road

Our route:







Diesel costs:


Diesel price:

Mandimba, Cuamba, Nampula, Ilha, Mossuril, Cabaceira, Nacala, Nampula, Quelimane, Praia de Zalala, Caia, Vila Gorongosa, Chimoio, Manica, Machipanda.




We had no problems getting diesel. 


21.570,00 MZN (308,14 EUR)


Between 64,43 and 70,10 MZN (0,92 and 1,00 EUR). 










Total costs overnight:


Average costs overnight:


The best:


The worst:



20 (24.09.18 – 13.10.18), 5 inside the van in a pension courtyard, use of a shower and toilette, cold water, no wifi. We used the shower in two of them, the toilette in 3, one of which was in a bar, and in the others prefered not to go inside at all and made do with our porta potti in the van. 3 inside the van in the padre's courtyard with no water, no wifi, no shower but a toilette at least, though without water. 3 in the van by the beach with the use of their facilities, including the pool. 9 at Libelula Lodge in Nacala, including wifi, hot water, excellent food and a secluded private beach.


13.200,00 MZN (188,57 EUR)


660,00 MZN (9,43 EUR)


Libelula Lodge, closely followed by the Padre's courtyard.


A nameless pensão in Malema, one of those where we didn't use the Toilette. The car park between the road and the pensão buildings was enclosed by a low wall and so we decided to park as close to the buildings as possible to be away from the road.


Next to us was an open round pavillion  with a very loud TV which we thought would be turned off when everyone went to bed. We should have known better. We had seen little sleep the night before in Mandimba where two discos rivalled with one another untill the early hours of the morning. We were both suffering from upset stomachs, once again, and were understandably bad tempered.


The worst was yet to come in another nameless pensão in Vila Gorongosa where a passenger joined us, but more off that later.    



Exchange rate:





1,00 EUR = 70,00 MZN


The ATM network was good and they all worked without any problems.


Eating out:




Bits and bobs:



10.750,00 MZN (153,57 EUR)


14.845,00 MZN (212,07 EUR)


350 MZN (5,00 EUR) Postcards

Other costs

Mozambican Visa: 


Bridge toll (Ilha): 


Bridge toll (Zambesi):


Vehicle insurance:


Museum (Ilha):


Fort entrance fee (Ilha):



50,00 USD (42,37 EUR) each, or 100,00 USD (84,75 EUR) together.


100 MZN (1,43 EUR)


100 MZN (1,43 EUR)


42.300,00 Malawian Kwacha (50,06 EUR)


200 MZN (2,86 EUR)


400 MZN (5,71 EUR)

Total costs 








Other costs:






308,14 EUR


188,57 EUR


370,64 EUR


146,24 EUR


1013,49 EUR

In conclusion


Mozambique was at times a challenge. Most of the people with whom we had to deal with spoke little or no English and we speak no Portuguese, so getting by was often difficult, especially in the poorer inland rural regions we passed through. Ilha was particularly special, very unique and well worthwhile. Other resorts along the coast seemed very underdeveloped and unfriendly. Perhaps that's different farther south where more South Africans spend their holidays or during the high season. In Nacala we were lucky enough to bump into Jessica and Miles and enjoy a few days at Libelula. We're looking forward to the last part of our journey, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, and have only one last hurdle to take...Zimbabwe.        

  • Thankyou Mozambique