Lake Malawi

There's nothing better after a long drive, than a cool beer and some time chilling on a beach. Our next destination was Lake Malawi. We spent a few days at a very noble campsite near Chinteche.

We had the beach to ourselves but a few days later its emptiness drove us farther south where we found a backpackers style beach lodge (Malamba, which means Baobab), in the heart of Chembe, a small fishing village on Cape Maclear. Now this was more like it. The village was very lively, a market seemed to be held every day and there was plenty to see and do. 


The highlight was a day out on a boat to Thumbi Island. Here we swam amidst hundreds of cichlids. The fish eat just about everything that grows so that the bottom of the lake is very bare and stony. We were told by our guide that because of this there was little cover for the crocodiles and that they were therefore scarce in this part of the lake. He didn't go swimming of course. We then went to Otter Point, more cichlids, and fish eagles, no otters though and thank heavans no crocodiles.