Kenya · 14. October 2018
The weather couldn't have been better and as we neared Kimana we had a magnificent view of the Kilimanjaro. Its highest peak is the Kibo, 5895 meters above sea level and the highest in Africa. The next morning was overcast and remained so for most of the day. That didn't disturb us though and the wildlife seemed to relish the cool air and turned out in abundance as we drove through the Amboseli.

Kenya · 10. October 2018
At the Airport in Eldoret we finally had our passports stamped and were now legally in the country. Nairobi was just round the corner and so first of all we decided to have the van sorted out at the Jungle Junction, a well known overlander campsite and workshop. A very wise person once said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Kenya · 25. September 2018
The police checkpoint was across the plain upon another hillock. We had arrived in Kenya but had no idea where the border exactly was. Presumably at the military camp we had just passed. Todonyang lay a few Kilometers farther on. There we could refuel and possibly stay the night. Soon thereafter however, we had completely lost our way. Jambo Kenya!!!