The Indian Ocean at Cabo da Cabaceira was the most easterly point of our trans Africa journey. Our next goal is the Atlantic. But first things first. We drive back through Nampula Province and southwest into the Province of Zambezia, where we'll spend our last days at the ocean near Quelimane.

On the way we passed small groups of children waving plates. Usually it's obvious what is being sold by the roadside but we couldn't make head nor tail of this and so being curious we stoped to have a look and promptly bought two plates worth of roasted Cashew nuts, delicious. 

Near Quelimane we were fortunate enough to find a lodge just outside Zalala beach that allowed us to stay in the van without having to pay the price of a bungalow nevertheless. The pool was inclusive but a couple of days later one of the staff tried to get some cash off us for its use. One of his morning chores was to take out the crabs that had drowned in it that night and so perhaps he thought his services were extra and worth a bob or two. We had a small pine wood just behind the dunes to ourselves and the beach was only 50 yards away. The beach is very long and broad at low tide. We won't be swimming here. Once again there were no other guests with the exception of an ocassional vehicle with day visitors who would have a drink and a walk round and then leave. Nobody stayed overnight.    

Two days later the weather wasn't very nice. Our cashew nuts were all gone. Our coconuts were all gone. The beer was allmost all gone. The unfriendly side glances from the staff increased. We hadn't eaten in their restaurant and obviously hadn't generated enough turn over and so we felt that it was time to set off toward Zimbabwe.